Insight About Being An Artist from a Six-Year-Old and Some Legos

My son loves Legos. He can spend all day building cars, trucks, spaceships, and even split-level mansions. As I watched him one day, it occurred to me that the process he goes through was a beautiful picture of what all artists go through when working on a project. So I broke out the HD DSLR, filmed him for about an hour, and put this piece together. I think you will find it very insightful into the mind of a creative.

Many thanks to Tasra Dawson, Jesse Rosten, Phil Stevens and Evan Vetter for their valuable feedback. I particularly liked one piece of advice Jesse gave to me (which I don’t think he’ll mind me sharing). Advice that echoes the theme of the piece:

“Give yourself a deadline, make any last tweaks you want, then release it. Don’t get caught up watching the hit count on the video, just start working on the next one.”

Do any of the sentiments expressed in this video resonate with you as an artist? How do you create? Please share.

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11 Responses to “Insight About Being An Artist from a Six-Year-Old and Some Legos”

  1. Great piece. Maybe because I have a 6 year old who loves to build Legos, I was a kid who loved to build Legos, or because it does apply to my life now. Not sure which or all 3.

  2. Great, great, great video Ron. What an awesome reminder of the importance of the process. But the best part was the ending. That’s my favorite part of the Incredibles! We quote that line all the time…

    Thanks again for sharing your gift!

    • Hey Curtis,

      Thanks much. Joshua and I LOVE quoting “The Incredibles.” I used to watch that movie with him over and over when he was still less than a year old. Then he moved on to the next movies. This summer he re-discovered his love for it again at six and it was on practically a non-stop rotation this past summer when on vacation. :)

  3. Simply POWERFUL. Thanks.

  4. I love it, Ron. I’ve knocked over a ton of projects and started over, too :)


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