Ryan Koral of Epic Motion “Shares” Some Valuable Advice

Today we have another episode of “The FlipSide.” These are bite-sized bits of advice shot on a bite-sized camera (my Flip). Today Ryan Koral of Epic Motion “shares” some advice that has helped his wedding and event studio become an award-winning studio admired by videographers around the world.

(As a side note: what in the world am I doing with my eyebrows in this video. Weird.)

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4 Responses to “Ryan Koral of Epic Motion “Shares” Some Valuable Advice”

  1. Great tips. Nice brows. Doesn’t get better than that.

  2. Great tips Ryan – not too short not too long. Easy to implement. Thanks for sharing :) PS Where was this filmed? Ron did you go to Detroit?

    • It was filmed at WEVA 2009. I have a number I filmed but never got around to editing. Just goes to show how timeless his advice was. :)

      • What a great idea Ron. If you told me that was filmed yesterday I would have believed you. You are right, some advice never gets old. I love that it’s bit sized advice, not too long, and not too much to try to implement at once, especially during the holiday season when things are a little cooky!


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