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5 Reasons to Stop Using a Paper Shot List

This guest post from director and “On the Lot” reality TV game show finalist Zach Lipovsky has some great tips on paperless filmmaking apps.

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Asana: A Simple and Versatile Project Management Solution

So many project management tools to choose from. Asana is a simple and versatile cloud-based PM tool that I have stuck with and love.

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Tips for Scheduling Video Interviews

Five tips for scheduling video interviews that will reduce (or eliminate) frustrated clients and wasted money.

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ioSafe is Fireproof and Waterproof Data Storage

Imagine if you could have the equivalent protection of an offsite data solution without having to go offsite. Imagine no more.

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How I Use Evernote for My Paperless System

Wherein I explain how I’m releasing the shackles of paper and gaining a profound sense of freedom and order.

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