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Using a Fictional Narrative Approach to Promote Your Client’s Business

How to use a fictional narrative approach to help your clients’ videos rise above the noise.

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Gary V at 99u. Still from video.

Gary Vaynerchuk on Storytelling

Gary Vaynerchuk gives an ESSENTIAL lesson for all social media marketers.

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The Historian - Public Domain

What IS Storytelling Anyway?

Now that the term “cinematographer” has been used ad nauseam, there’s a new “favorite” term professional artists are adopting. Storyteller. What?

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The Top 3 Problems of Universal’s “Best Vacation Ever” Ad

What brand marketing lessons can we learn from Universal’s ad campaign that looks suspiciously similar to Apple’s.

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Mike Brady's nightmare client Bibi Gallini definitely was a CCM-1.

Do Your Clients Have 2 out of These 3 Characteristics?

If you want to stay sane and have a long career as a professional creative, I recommend you make sure most of your clients have at least two of these three characteristics.

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