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Color Grading Video to Match a Photo

A quick tip on how to use your waveform and the RGB parade to match the color of your video to a photograph.

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Shane Hurlbut’s Illumination Experience Cinematography Tour

A brief overview of Shane Hurlbut’s upcoming tour and a chance to save some money on registration.

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Canon C300 Tips for DSLR Filmmakers

This blog post is for all of you interested in using the C300, but don’t necessarily have a broad video background. These are the little “gotchas” you should be aware of (particularly if you come from DSLRs).

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Five Tips for Making an Interview Subject More Comfortable

When interviewing subjects who have no media training, it’s your job as the director to get the “performance” you need. Here are five tips.

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Creating a Cool Title Sequence in Final Cut Pro

A video demo of the “director’s cut” title sequence for the fantasy-themed short film we shot.

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