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Jerry Ghionis, WPPI and the Importance of Perspective

In an industry where there’s no loss of drama, this film starring world-renown wedding photographer Jerry Ghionis offers hope, inspiration and proper perspective.

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A Primer on Photo and Video Copyright Usage

Photo stealers beware! Do you have rights to that image you’re posting on your blog? Suggestions for protecting your butt, as well as your own copyrights.

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4th of July Performance with my dance group, "Educated Feet."

What Does It Mean to be a “Professional”?

Let this be the end-all, be-all definition of what it means to be a professional.

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Esquire Magazine Covers. Hmmm?

No commentary. No remarks. Just something to think about.

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Raw footage of a mountain climber swinging on a rope in Yosemite is worth more than b-roll of an employee typing in an office.

Don’t Give Away Your Raw Footage or Negatives

If your clients really want your “negatives” or raw footage, that means they’re willing to pay for it. So charge accordingly.

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