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The #1 Necessity for Any Negotiation – BATNA

Whenever you find yourself in a negotiation, do whatever you can to make sure you know what your BATNA is.

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Ryan Koral of Epic Motion “Shares” Some Valuable Advice

Today we have another episode of “The FlipSide.” These are bite-sized bits of advice shot on a bite-sized camera (my Flip). Today Ryan Koral of Epic Motion “shares” some advice that has helped his wedding and event studio become an award-winning studio admired by videographers around the world. (As a side note: what in the world am […]

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Kevin Shahinian’s One Piece of Advice

Today on “The Flip Side,” Kevin Shahinian shares perhaps the most important bit of advice any artist can receive.

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Geek Talk Between Matt Jeppsen and Tom Guilmette

What happens when you get a bunch of passionate filmmakers togehter within talking distance for more than 30 seconds. You get “geek talk.” Enjoy and learn.

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Do You Wanna Be a Filmmaker? Then Make Films!

Today we have Film Riot’s Ryan Connolly giving some great advice at what it takes to be a filmmaker.

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