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Using a Fictional Narrative Approach to Promote Your Client’s Business

How to use a fictional narrative approach to help your clients’ videos rise above the noise.

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Dimly lit motel room. Shot at 1/50, f2.5, ISO 1600.

Serving Your Client vs Serving Your Muse

Two versions of a film we made for a client provides a lesson in serving your inner muse vs. serving the client.

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Frame Rates vs Shutter Speed and Why to Care

Often I see beginning filmmakers get confused between these two. Today I address the differences, why you should care, and when to break the rules.

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Taking Risks with a Photographer’s Promo

Our latest photographer promo is a case study in taking risks to be different.

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Paris, 16mm and Inspiration for Creatives

During a time when everyone is talking about 4K this, and HFR that, the magic of old, nostalgic film rings true.

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