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#2. Join the Dream List and get a FREE download. This is the periodic email I send to photographers, filmmakers, clients and prospective clients. I only send emails to groups for which the content is related (e.g. I won’t send emails geared towards photographers to the Filmmakers list; only clients and prospects will get emails related to services provided by Dare Dreamer Media, etc.) When you sign up, just check all the boxes that pertain to you, and you’ll get those respective emails when I send them (usually about every other month). It will always contain some kind of information that will help you in your business. It’s NOT just a tool for me to sell you products and services (although, some of the content will be that too.). Af you join “The Dream List” you’ll get a FREE download of my “Power Pricing” mp3. This is a 75 minute coaching call session I did for a new videographer (a $40 value). The topics covered include:

  • How to determine what to charge for your services
  • The pros and cons of packages vs. charging a straight hourly rate
  • The pitfalls of charging too low
  • How to best present your rates to the prospect
  • How to handle a situation where there is a large gap in time on the event day and the prospect wants you to stay all day, but not pay for that extra time
  • What you MUST include in every contract

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