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Why “Maddie” May Have Missed the Mark

This emotionally powerful commercial about an owner and her dog would be a great promo for an animal shelter. But not so much for a car.

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Increase Client Satisfaction with Creative Briefs

A creative brief not only sets client expectations (thereby increasing satisfaction), but it provides the basis for all of your creative directions and decisions.

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UPS Store

How UPS Failed a Basic Premise

A comical anecdote about my experience at a UPS Store makes a great case study on what NOT to do in your business.

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Lowering Your Rate Without Hurting Your Brand

This is part 2 of the guest blog post on how to offer lower rates to your clients without hurting your brand.

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The Importance of Maintaining Brand Scarcity

Today’s guest blog post delves into the connection between brand scarcity and your prices.

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