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The Best Of Crossing the 180 Doc Filmmakers

This week I bring you excerpts from four of the most inspiring and informative interviews with documentary filmmakers over the past two years.

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Crossing the 180 #28: Drea Cooper of California is a Place

One of the hottest film series on Vimeo is a set of short documentaries about interesting people in California. California is a Place looks at the lives of a wide variety of characters: from a washed up used car salesman, to a couple of die-hard patriots risking life and limb to protect our borders from […]

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Dear Muse…Where the Hell Are You?

Dear Muse, I just want to say that I am really looking forward to our work today. I have quite a number of amazing ideas I want to run by you and get working on. I think they have the potential to be some of my best stuff. As soon as you get here we’ll […]

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