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You’re Never Too Old to Start a New Career

An inspiring success story of a 40+ year old video producer who started in this biz at the age of 40. You’re never too old to start anew. Read it!

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Kevin Margo, Director of “Grounded” on Crossing the 180 #92

This week on Crossing the 180 we have the filmmaker behind one of the most amazing and imaginative (if not confusing) sci-fi short films to hit the festival circuit: “Grounded.”

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You MIGHT Be Watching an HD DSLR Film If

There’s no doubt that the HD DSLR craze is more than just a “phase.” Everyone from mom and pop wedding videographers to major Hollywood studios have embraced HD DSLRs in their productions. The reason is obvious. The imagery you get from these cameras is freaking gorgeous. The other factor is the cost. The amount of […]

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A Creative and Business Review of "City of Lakes"

If you follow the video DSLR world, or if you’re an event filmmaker, chances are you’ve seen Kevin Shahinian‘s epic wedding film “City of Lakes.” This is an actual wedding movie shot for a client of Kevin’s. The clients originally hired Kevin to produce their wedding film plus have Kevin work his concept film magic. […]

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A great example of a short concert doc

One of the decisions I made this year on my quest to return to my filmmaking roots is to highlight other amazing filmmakers I come across. It’s all part of 1) giving back, 2) being inspired and 3) helping to inspire others (either with my own work or the work of colleagues). Today I came […]

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