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"Um yeah...I'm gonna need you to make a few revisions on that video."

How to Manage and Price Client Revisions

Four tips on how you can get paid for extra work clients require of you on a job you’ve completed…without pissing them off.

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Customer Service and The Miracle on 34th Street Effect

Wherein I tell you a somewhat comedic adventure to get a new pair of glasses without breaking the bank, and learning a valuable customer service lesson.

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How to Deal with Clients Who Want a Lexus Quality for a Hyundai Price

How do you deal with a client who wants way more than he or she is willing to pay for, and is giving you grief about it? There’s no easy answer, but here are my thoughts on the subject.

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When Client Relations Go Down Hill – A Perscription

It is bound to happen to you. At some point in your career as a professional visual artist, you will get that email, that tweet, that phone call from a client who is frustrated, pissed off, or down right nasty because of their interaction with you and your company. In some cases, their anger and […]

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Are You a Fred? A Customer Service Superstar

Mark Sanborn’s book The Fred Factor is all about those people in a business that go above and beyond. The “Freds” of the world (named after Mark’s highly dedicated and hard working mailman). Last week I met a Fred. (Or rather, a Frederica).

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