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AVCHD files in FCPX import window.

Importing AVCHD Video into FCPX

The definitive process for importing AVCHD footage into Final Cut Pro X.

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Compact Handheld Rigs at NAB

Our new guest blogger and uber-talented camera-man Rob Ruscher gives us a review of some hot handheld gear at NAB this year.

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The Top Ten (Extra) Things Every DSLR Filmmaker Should Have in His Bag

I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. Here are the extra things I have in my camera bag.

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Rode shotgun mic connected via XLR cable to a Beachtek adapter going into DSLR.

Five Audio Facts Every Videographer Should Know

If you want to take your video production skills to the next level, improving your audio knowledge should be a high priority. This will get you started.

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You’re Never Too Old to Start a New Career

An inspiring success story of a 40+ year old video producer who started in this biz at the age of 40. You’re never too old to start anew. Read it!

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