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If I could just clone myself, life would be so much easier. (Note: this is an old photo, I now edit in FCPX. :) )

Finding and Using Contract Video Editors

Four essential steps necessary in finding and utilizing contract video editors in a way that will allow you to scale your business and protect your brand.

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Chris Fenwick and FCPX Pros & Cons – Crossing the 180 #106

In this episode, veteran editor Chris Fenwick and I discuss what we love about FCPX, what annoys us about it, and settle once and for all whether or not this is an NLE for professionals.

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Chris Fenwick, FCPX and Editing – Crossing the 180 #105-Part1

Part 1 of a 2-part series with veteran editor Chris Fenwick. Today we talk about editing style vs client brand and perfection vs good enough. Regardless of which NLE you use, you’ll want to hear this.

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Fenwick's Sparse Disks

Hard Drives, Sparse Disks and FCPX – Bonus Crossing the 180

I have a special bonus episode of Crossing the 180 today. Check it out and learn how you can earn $200!

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A Radical Workflow Idea for Final Cut X Users

I’ve started using a new workflow and versioning system in Final Cut X that although radical, will rock your world!

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