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What Makes a Good Teacher of a Craft?

One of the great debates in the creative world is who is qualified to teach a craft. Here are some thoughts to ponder.

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Is Our Education System Failing Us?

Two very interesting videos that provide commentary on today’s educational system.

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Don’t Be a Cookie Cutter Filmmaker

Yesterday I was listening to an episode of my favorite filmmakers podcast “Filmspotting.” On it co-host Matty “Ballgame” Robinson was interviewing Davis Guggenheim , the Academy Award winning documentary filmmaker behind “An Inconvenient Truth.” His latest film is “Waiting for Superman,” a gripping and dramatic documentary about America’s messed up educational system.  Besides the fact […]

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Business Seminar for Wedding Pros Coming to the ATL

I’ve recently been notified of a great business planning seminar coming to the great Atlanta area. This is one aspect of business that many small businesses are terrible at, particularly in the wedding and event world. I wanted to pass on the information and encourage any wedding pros in the Atlanta area to seriously consider […]

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With Art, the End Absolutely Justifies the Means

Let me say right off the bat that this article may piss some of you off. I don’t mean to do that, but knowing the make up of my audience, I’m sure that will be one of the outcomes. However, my hope is that MOST of you will be inspired and encouraged. Machiavelli‘s famous quote […]

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