Don’t Be a Cookie Cutter Filmmaker

Yesterday I was listening to an episode of my favorite filmmakers podcast “Filmspotting.” On it co-host Matty “Ballgame” Robinson was interviewing Davis Guggenheim , the Academy Award winning documentary filmmaker behind “An Inconvenient Truth.” His latest film is “Waiting for Superman,” a gripping and dramatic documentary about America’s messed up educational system.  Besides the fact […]

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Fusion: The Facts and the Folly

In the summer of 2008, famed commercial/editorial photographer Vincent Laforet heralded the release of Canon’s EOS 5D Mark II with his short film “Reverie”. Both photographers and filmmakers alike were blown away. The release of the 5D has created not only it’s own subculture, but an entire industry was born as companies large and small […]

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