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Image © Trailers of the East Coast on Flickr. Creative Commons v 2.0

8 Tips on Finding Sponsors for Your Film Projects #9CamJam

Sponsorships are a great strategy for getting that next big film project made. Here are 8 things to keep in mind when finding them.

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9 Cameras. 6 Filmmakers. 5 Musicians. 1 Audio Mixer. Lots of Training Ground. #9CamJam

What happens when you combine 9 cameras, 6 filmmakers, 3 jazz musicians, a rock guitarist, a freestyle rapper and an 8-channel audio mixer? You get fertile ground for a training blog series you won’t want to miss!

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Importance of Prioritizing

Why I stopped podcasting in favor of spending more time on what I really want to do.

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A Primer on Photo and Video Copyright Usage

Photo stealers beware! Do you have rights to that image you’re posting on your blog? Suggestions for protecting your butt, as well as your own copyrights.

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