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Why The 1-Man Crew Needs Color Grading Skills

Why color grading is an important skill for all you small or 1-man crews.

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A Primer on Photo and Video Copyright Usage

Photo stealers beware! Do you have rights to that image you’re posting on your blog? Suggestions for protecting your butt, as well as your own copyrights.

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shot list

5 Reasons to Stop Using a Paper Shot List

This guest post from director and “On the Lot” reality TV game show finalist Zach Lipovsky has some great tips on paperless filmmaking apps.

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Woody Allen

Five Filmmaking Lessons from Woody Allen

Woody Allen has written and directed 46 feature films in as many years. Here are five key lessons every filmmaker should take away from Woody’s career.

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Walter Biscardi on Crossing the 180 #103

Industry veteran, Creative Cow contributor and award-winning businessman and producer Walter Biscardi gives us a wealth knowledge today.

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