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What Do You Desire?

An inspirational video and voice over that challenges you to ask a provocative question that can change your whole life.

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What a Sabbatical Can Do for Your Art

For professional creatives, time-off is imperative. How do you expect to inspire others if you don’t set aside a time to experiment and be inspired?

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A Pep Talk from Kid President

“Two roads diverged in wood and I took the one less traveled by… and it hurt, man!” Need encouragement? Inspiration? Listen to this pep talk by Kid President.

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Don’t Be Average

Another inspiring bit of advice from best-selling author Andy Andrews.

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The back classrooms of the Flint Center is where I took film courses back in the day. Since they've created a state of the art film center.

20 Years of Making Films and 7 Lessons I’ve Learned

There are so many things I’ve learned about filmmaking in the 20 years since I took my first class. These seven are pretty high up there.

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