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Photo © aresauburn on flickr.

Top 10 Tips To Raise Money For Your Documentary

Are you interested in raising money for your next film. These tips will give you insight from an Emmy-award-winning documentary filmmaker.

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Pursuing and Achieving Your Dream

How an award-winning wedding and event filmmaker was inspired to make a documentary about Batman that is so much more than just about Batman. A very inspiring post for any artist!

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Stay Local – A Music Licensing Story

A rock/classical music group with a unique sound offers some great tips on getting local musicians to contribute to your video project.

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What Excuses Are Holding You From Making Your Film?

These five excuses may seem obvious, but ask yourself, “Am I secretly using some or all of them to hold me back from pursuing my dream?” An inspirational post to light a fire under your butt.

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When Videographers and Photographers Become Inventors

Today we explore the process of filmmakers/photographers inventing new gear to fill a need then expanding their business. We look at “The Backer Capper.”

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