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A New Focus and Direction for Dare Dreamer Media

Our company Dare Dreamer Media has evolved quite a bit over the nearly 8 years we’ve been in business. Our specialty is combining video with social media to help our clients achieve objective results. But lately I’ve been moved to specialize in providing services to organizations that represent worthy causes. Non-profits, schools, community organizations, and […]

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Movie Marathon Cancelled

Some of you may be wondering what happened to all the information about Blade Ronner’s Inspirational Movie Marathon. Well, life happened. Unfortunately, I had to cancel it. But I didn’t just want it to disappear with no explanation. There are two main reasons I pulled the plug. Work: we recently got confirmation on a new […]

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Get a chance to win $300 in Royalty Free Music

I have great news! My friends over at Triple Scoop Music (with a library of over 5,000 songs from award-winning artists) have agreed to give some lucky winner my entire “True Romance” TSM collection. These are a collection of songs personally picked by yours truly to be excellent choices for love story related videos. Here’s […]

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Build a Book, Help a Great Cause

I think it’s great when capitalistic commerce combines with compassion and caring to create great collaborations. Blurb—the creative publishing platform that allows anyone to design, publish, share, and sell your own professional-quality books—is helping out Bridges to Understanding, a non-profit which uses digital technology and the art of storytelling to empower and unite youth worldwide, […]

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Skip Cohen's Summer School – Don't Miss It

A couple of months ago I was surprised to get an email from friend and mentor Skip Cohen, then president and CEO of RangeFinder Publishing/WPPI. He was leaving. What! After one of the most successful WPPI’s ever. Wow! Well, once the news broke publicly, he was flooded with people from all over the industry willing […]

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