Movie Marathon Cancelled

Some of you may be wondering what happened to all the information about Blade Ronner’s Inspirational Movie Marathon. Well, life happened. Unfortunately, I had to cancel it. But I didn’t just want it to disappear with no explanation. There are two main reasons I pulled the plug. Work: we recently got confirmation on a new […]

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Build a Book, Help a Great Cause

I think it’s great when capitalistic commerce combines with compassion and caring to create great collaborations. Blurb—the creative publishing platform that allows anyone to design, publish, share, and sell your own professional-quality books—is helping out Bridges to Understanding, a non-profit which uses digital technology and the art of storytelling to empower and unite youth worldwide, […]

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The New Blog of Ron

As most of you may know, we recently changed the name of our company from Cinematic Studios to Dare Dreamer Media. Our focus as a company will be more towards new media marketing in conjunction with video production, as well as original program development. They are lofty goals indeed, but life’s not worth living unless […]

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