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Jerry Ghionis Gives 7 Tips for Succeeding in Wedding Photography

7 success tips from world renown and multi-, multi-, multi- award-winning wedding and lifestyle photographer Jerry Ghionis. (Yes, that was THREE “multi-‘s”. He’s won a LOT of awards.)

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Color Grading Video to Match a Photo

A quick tip on how to use your waveform and the RGB parade to match the color of your video to a photograph.

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A Primer on Photo and Video Copyright Usage

Photo stealers beware! Do you have rights to that image you’re posting on your blog? Suggestions for protecting your butt, as well as your own copyrights.

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The “Mountains in Motion” Filmmakers Part 2-Crossing the 180 #100

This week’s episode marks #100 for the show. Whoo hoo! In this second part of my interview, we cover music licensing, sources for composers, and pursuing personal work. Awesome info!

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The “Mountains in Motion” Filmmakers Part 1-Crossing the 180 #99

This episode is part 1 of an in-depth look at the making one of the most amazing timelapse short films I’ve seen.

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