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The Value of Case Studies and the Order of Your Work

In today’s competitive environment you should do whatever you can that sets your company apart. Case studies on your site are an effective way to do that.

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The Anatomy of a Non-Profit Video Shoot in New Orleans

Today I break down some of the shooting and editing decisions that go into a non-profit promo video using the Boys & Girls Club of New Orleans.

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Business Failures Lesson #3 – Timing is Everything

In my third and final lesson on business failures, learn about a relatively recent failure I had for a service that is now as common as a cold.

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Four Tips for Better B-roll

If you do any sort of documentary, educational or promotional video work, chances are you will need to use b-roll: video footage that plays usually during an audio voice over, e.g. an employee being interviewed for a corporate promotional film is talking about how fun it is to work there, then the video cuts to […]

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Joe Buissink – An Intimate Portrait Video

Joe Buissink has had quite a life. Born in Indonesia. Abandoned by his biological mother (literally left on a doorstep). Verbally and physically abused as a child by his step mom. Moved to Holland at 7, then later to L.A. after his family had enough of the racial persecution they got in Holland (Joe didn’t […]

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