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Six Lessons Every Small Business Owner Should Know

Guest Post by Clint Regehr of CERVIDEO Unlike many film makers that first went to film school and then entered the business world, I came at it from a different direction. I was in the business world where I had a 30 year Enterprise Software Sales career that included major software corporations and several start […]

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Taking Risks with a Photographer’s Promo

Our latest photographer promo is a case study in taking risks to be different.

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A Promo Video is about You, Not Your Gear

Many photographers are under the impression that a promo video has to show them with a camera. Although that will be the case a majority of the time, it isn’t always the case. The most important job of a promo video is to get potential clients to know, trust, and want to learn more about […]

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With Art, the End Absolutely Justifies the Means

Let me say right off the bat that this article may piss some of you off. I don’t mean to do that, but knowing the make up of my audience, I’m sure that will be one of the outcomes. However, my hope is that MOST of you will be inspired and encouraged. Machiavelli‘s famous quote […]

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Photographer Promo: PerspectivEye Photography

It’s finally here. For a while there, I wondered if it would ever happen. In June of this year I was scheduled to fly out to Calgary, Alberta, Canada to film the promo video for Gabe McClintock’s studio, PerspectivEye. Due to some passport issues (i.e. I didn’t have a current one and they wouldn’t let […]

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