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Cinematographer Ryan Walters on Crossing the 180 #101

Today on the show we have cinematographer and educator Ryan E. Walters. Ryan is so skilled at what he does, that he was invited by Zacuto to take part in their “Revenge of the Great Camera Shootout 2012.” (Ryan was the cinematographer assigned to the RED.) In this episode Ryan talks about his background; how […]

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When Artists Have to Explain Their Art

Every decision you make as a filmmaker should serve your story. But what happens when you have to explain your art? A lesson from production on THE HOBBIT.

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Picking the Right Camera for the Job

Seven key points to consider when picking a camera for a video gig.

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The Making of Mo Squad

Today we go behind the scenes of the “wedding highlights” spoof (shot on the Scarlet) that I blogged about yesterday. Find out how they did it and why I think it caused so much confusion.

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Best Wedding Highlights EVER!

In my ten years as a professional video producer, I’ve never seen a wedding highlights film this good. EVER! Eat your hearts out StillMotion and Joe Simon. :)

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