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Why “Maddie” May Have Missed the Mark

This emotionally powerful commercial about an owner and her dog would be a great promo for an animal shelter. But not so much for a car.

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Mike Brady's nightmare client Bibi Gallini definitely was a CCM-1.

Do Your Clients Have 2 out of These 3 Characteristics?

If you want to stay sane and have a long career as a professional creative, I recommend you make sure most of your clients have at least two of these three characteristics.

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An hilarious movie about what happens when a filmmaker doesn't stick with his vision. A MUST for anyone who wants to work in Hollywood.

Can Pro Creatives Stay True to Their Vision?

Yesterday’s post about staying true to your vision may put some of your professional creatives in a quandary. What if your vision clashes with the clients? Some tips to deal with that.

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Seven Steps for a Friendly Follow-up

Effective follow-up with clients can make or break your business. Here are seven tips I’ve found very helpful over the years.

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