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My 2012 SUCKED!

Is it just me, or are you also sick and tired of reading everyone’s email newsletters and blog posts about how great 2012 was for them. Mine sucked!

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Photo © ZPeckler on Flickr

Pre-production Stress and Five Unorthodox Strategies to Deal with It

You ever get those pre-production jitters that make you think it’s all going to be a disaster? Here are some ways to deal with those frustrations.

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The Top 5 Reasons NOT to Hire a Wedding Videographer

Five reasons why you shouldn’t get a wedding video. These may or may not be serious. :)

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Best Wedding Highlights EVER!

In my ten years as a professional video producer, I’ve never seen a wedding highlights film this good. EVER! Eat your hearts out StillMotion and Joe Simon. :)

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Poll: How Did My “Top 5 Tips to be a Black Filmmaker” Make You Feel?

On the off chance I may have offended some folks, I am conducting this poll to see how my “Top 5 Tips to be a Black Filmmaker” post affected people. Please take a moment to complete it.

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