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Could MySpace Make a Come-back?

The story of the new MySpace is a great lesson in social media marketing, business, and never resting on your laurels.

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I tried to find a photo of a black hand unplugging, but to no avail. So this will have to do. Image © photosteve101 on Flickr.

The Power of Disconnecting from The Net

For the third year in a row I’m taking a social media break. Find out the top three reasons why you should too.

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Image © Mad.Chicken on Flickr

Why You’re Broke and Other Video Professionals Aren’t

If you’re a talented videographer who’s broke, chances are, it’s all your fault. Today’s post can help you turn that around.

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Seven Social Media Mistakes That Will Keep You From Being Hired

This is a guest blog post by Christopher Wallace, VP of Sales and Marketing for Amsterdam Printing. No matter what type of job you’re seeking (and how sharp you dress for your interview), nobody wants to hire someone who moonlights as a slovenly drunk. Even if you’re terrifically witty after a couple of pints, the […]

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The Divisiveness of Mobile #de_Vices

Zack Arias’ personal project #de_VICE is a great way to end this week’s theme. A simple project with a poignant message that eventually got picked up by CNN. Amazing!

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