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Are We Too Dependent on Technology?

An uncanny coincidence leads to a very serious and thoughtful question. One I think all artists should ask?

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The Future of Professional Portrait Photography

The Future of Professional Portrait Photography

This was a post I originally published in June 2009. It’s interesting to see how much of it is around today. If you’re a pro photographer, how does this make you feel?

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It’s Futile to Fight the Future

At the heart of the problem of PIPA and SOPA is old media companies’ out-dated paradigms colliding with the future of technology. It’s a battle against chaos they cannot ever win. Here’s why.

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Phil is the guy with the big, bald and sexy head.

The World Wide Web Premier of our 48 Hour Film Project “The Last Author”

I’m proud to present our 48 hour film project, “The Last Author.”¬†We had just 48 hours to conceive, write, shoot and edit an original short film. Each film had to contain three elements. A consultant named Tom (or Tina) Goodwin, a book, and the line of dialogue “When will she be here?” The genre we […]

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My Favorite Web-Based Apps

Yesterday I shared with you about the benefits of using web-based applications. Ever since getting my head in the “cloud,” I’ve been on “Cloud 9″ with respect to how it has contributed to the way we run our business. Below is a list of my favorite web-based apps covering everything from sales and marketing to […]

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