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Little Platforms Can Still Go a Long Way

In my follow up to yesterday’s post about building a platform to survive the new free-conomy, today I offer a few suggestions on how you can build a useful platform for your business without having it reach tens of thousands of people.

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Giving Up Is Easy. Keep Holding On.

Sometimes inspiration and encouragement come from the place you’d least expect it. Today it comes from a 13-year-old teen girl. Don’t write-off this blog post. Read it.

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Working with Your Spouse When You Both Are Creatives

Being married takes work. Having your spouse as your business partner takes more work. Having you both be in business AND creatives? That can take a miracle. Some important tips.

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Anatomy of a Fantasy Photo & Film Shoot

The making of a fantasy themed concept video for our portrait studio. Part 2 of my series on “setting your studio apart.”

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Xmarks Hits the Browser Bookmark Synching Spot

I got another productivity tool recommendation for y’all today. Xmarks. I discovered this a couple of months ago and I love, love, love it. If you work on multiple computers and/or multiple browsers, this is a must. What, you’re not using multiple browsers? Well, if you’re a professional creative, you should be!

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