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Five Tips for Making an Interview Subject More Comfortable

When interviewing subjects who have no media training, it’s your job as the director to get the “performance” you need. Here are five tips.

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Anatomy of a Fantasy Photo & Film Shoot

The making of a fantasy themed concept video for our portrait studio. Part 2 of my series on “setting your studio apart.”

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The Importance of Lighting Design

Ask any professional filmmaker or photographer worth her weight in lens caps, and she’ll tell you that light is tantamount to a successful shoot.  It’s because of lighting a set properly that significantly adds to how long it takes to shoot a film.  I would guess that most of you out there who make this your profession […]

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Evernote vs. Bookmarking and Some Evernote Tips

Yesterday I did a review of Xmarks, a terrific way for synching your bookmarks across multiple computers and/or browsers. Another way you could technically sync “bookmarks” is by saving bookmark links in Evernote. I frequently do this. But there are some uses where traditional bookmarking is better, and some when Evernote may be best. How […]

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Literal Truth vs. Emotional Truth in Event Filmmaking

When I first started in this business (nine years ago this month by the way), I produced wedding films in a style that today people call “cinematic short form.” They were cinematic…and they were short. :) (That is, short compared to the 90 minute to 2-hour wedding videos that a lot of studios were doing […]

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