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Best of Crossing the 180 – Part 1

Over the past three years I’ve had the pleasure to have some amazing guests on my podcast. Here are excerpts from some of the best.

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Canon C300 Tips for DSLR Filmmakers

This blog post is for all of you interested in using the C300, but don’t necessarily have a broad video background. These are the little “gotchas” you should be aware of (particularly if you come from DSLRs).

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Who Is Nino Leitner and the C300

Today we have a podcast rewind with Austrian filmmaker Nino Leitner. Leitner is always on top of the latest and greatest gadgets. But who is the man behind that C300. If you’ve missed this podcast the first time around, you’re in for a treat.

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A Case Study in Setting Yourself Apart: This Blog

The hoopla over Canon’s announcement gave me a revelation about my blog that turns out to be a great case study on setting yourself apart and the benefits.

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Crossing the 180 #50: Vincent Laforet and the Canon C300

November 3, 2011 was quite a whirlwind of a day for filmmakers all across the world. The stills camera manufacturer that unintentionally launched a new era in filmmaking with the 5D Mark II—Canon—made an announcement of a new camera body: the EOS C300. Today on the show we have one of the few filmmakers allowed […]

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