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Jerry doing a live lighting & posing demonstration.

Jerry Ghionis “How to Wow” Workshop Review

A cursory review of Jerry’s photography tour and why it’s worth the investment.

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The Making of the Jerry Ghionis Film “Your Perfect Day”

Here’s the story behind the origin, inspiration, and making of Jerry’s film. And my confession of the irony of it all.

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Jerry Ghionis, WPPI and the Importance of Perspective

In an industry where there’s no loss of drama, this film starring world-renown wedding photographer Jerry Ghionis offers hope, inspiration and proper perspective.

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Wedding Photography vs. Videography: An Old and Pointless Debate

My formal response to the latest controversy over a blog post by a photographer encouraging brides against wedding videography.

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Joe Photo Gets Real

Wedding and lifestyle photographer Joe Photo gives us some insight into his “how to crash and burn a business” presentation. Take 5 minutes to read this. You’ll be inspired!

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