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If this is who you are hangin' around, this is who you will become.

The Art of Evolution Pt. 2 – Who You Hangin’ Around?

Who you decide to spend most of your days with will have one of the most profound impacts on who you become.

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The Divisiveness of Mobile #de_Vices

Zack Arias’ personal project #de_VICE is a great way to end this week’s theme. A simple project with a poignant message that eventually got picked up by CNN. Amazing!

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Advice for Old Timers vs. Young Whipper Snappers

My advice to seasoned professionals to create a 10-step system to counter The Photo System. In short: go to the mattresses.

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Jesh de Rox

The Top 11 Feather-Ruffling Posts of 2011

The top 11 posts of this past year that got people talking, yelling or asking the question “Ron, are you high!?”

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The Flip Video That Launched a Giant

With all the talk of expensive cameras, I’m reminded that the career of renown commercial/music photog Zack Arias was significantly boosted based on a Flip video he shot.

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