A New Day is Dawning

The Easter season is one that brings to mind visions of death, and new life. It is only fitting then that this Easter we put to rest the “old” Cinematic Studios, and bring to life, a new creation. As we continue to evolve and take on larger corporate clients, we are switching our wedding and event business to a “by referral only” basis. This will allow me to focus our marketing and development efforts on clients like you: dynamic and exciting companies and artists looking to expand their brand and businesses with cutting-edge, contemporary film and video production. We hope you’ll continue to stay with us for the ride. (article continued below image).


For those of you in the wedding and event business who have worked with us (or want to work with us), we encourage you to still refer clients our way. All we ask is that you make sure they’re a good fit for what we offer. That means that 1) they like our unique style, and 2) are willing to invest our minimum rate ($5,000 as of this blog post). When you get a moment, visit our new website and tell us what you think.

Here’s to a new beginning.