Is your business remarkable? If not, get out of it.

banana_dip.gifOkay, that’s a pretty harsh blog post title. But, I wanted to draw your attention. Anyway, bestselling author and marketer Seth Godin says the same thing. In his latest book, The Dip, he talks about the importance of being the “best” at whatever you do. The companies which are the best, or first, in their field, are usually first by a long shot. It’s the same with other lists as well. For instance, vanilla is the most popular ice cream flavor. When you look at the bar graph of sales of vanilla compared to the other flavors, they are ALL dwarfed. No.  isn’t that much more than no.’s 3 and 4, but they are all way beneath vanilla.

It’s the same in your business. Chances are, whoever is the best in your field (or your market) is the best by A LOT!

In both The Dip and his other popular book, The Purple Cow, Seth encourages his readers to be remarkable at what they do. Whether you’re a small mom and pop shop, or a Fortune 500 executive, it’s worth reading both books.