Grace Ormonde. A Class Act.

GoweddingstyleA few days ago I posted about my frustration at a comment a prominent wedding cinematographer (Paul Korver of Fifty Foot Films) made in YWD magazine. He claimed that all you had to do to get a good shot with a video camera is press “play” (I think he meant “record”) and point the camera.  I e-mailed him and the magazine to state how I felt about the comment.  Since there is also a prominent editorial about him in the highly regarded Wedding Style Magazine by Grace Ormonde (in which we are a Platinum List vendor), I also contacted their editing staff to question their coverage of someone who consistently bad-mouths video, especially since there are so many more video advertisers in the magazine.

Well, Grace has always been considered a class act, and she proved it again yesterday. She called me personally on my cell phone in response to my letter. We had a nice conversation about things we can do to help educate her readers about the beauty and artistry of video cinematography today. She and her team have already made strides to that affect, and she is committed to creating a unique editorial piece that will give wedding videography the attention it so rightly deserves.

My hats off to Grace for her continued class, commitment, and vision. As there are already a number of magazines trying to emulate the huge success of Wedding Style, perhaps she will also start a new trend in the accurate and detailed exposure of a beautiful art form. You go Grace!