Bob Davis to Break New Ground

Bob Davis is a world class wedding and portrait photographer. Those of you in the biz may know of him from his cutting edge lighting and off-camera flash seminars at Pictage PartnerCon. You may also know that he’s a Canon Explorer of Light Photographer, has photographed numerous events for Oprah (including her Legends Ball), and he was the photographer honored to land one of the most talked about celebrity weddings of 2007: Eva Longoria and Tony Parker’s France wedding. He and wife Dawn also happen to be great people. Well, I’m proud to announce that Cinematic Studios will be working with Bob and Dawn to create their very first training video. We’ll also be producing their promo video. And you know, when we do a promo video, its “off the hook!”

Tagging Along for the Wedding

Bob’s BrideFor years, followers of Bob and Dawn’s blog and career have asked about why they don’t have any training materials. With their busy schedules, they just haven’t had the time. Then one day Bob was cruising the Internet and found the promo we did for Gene Higa. Around the same time, Dawn was reading this blog and came across our post about the Parker J Adobe-AfterCapture video we did. They called one another to talk about the cool videos they’s had seen, surprised to find out that both were produced by us. To make a long story short, Dawn emailed us and said, “We have to work together.” We jumped at the opportunity to work with such a well-respected and amazing artists. So, last month, they flew Anton out to the mid-west to follow Bob on a high-end wedding at Lake Geneva. The footage from that wedding shoot, plus some additional interview footage, will be used to create a video where you’ll get to see Bob in action on an actual wedding.

Video On Demand Training

Bob and Dawn are also open minded and willing to listen to our out of box ideas. So be on the look out for a series of unique video announcements for their training video. They will be the first official clients of our VOD Cast Pro (TM) service, the ability to purchase and download individual sections on the spot. I can’t wait to launch it. Stay tuned for more developments.

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  1. Ron, thanks for the plug! We’re so excited to be working with you and Anton. Can’t wait to see our promo video and get going with the VOD Cast Pro as well…!!!! I’m so glad I found you. ~ Dawn

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