Ga-Ga for Google: Part 3 of 4

Google Calendar

In my first installment of this series I wrote about the ubiquitous Gmail. In installment 2, I covered the potential MS Office-killer, Google Docs. Today, I’ll touch briefly on Google Calendar. It’s not so much that Google’s Calendar blows away other online Calendars with similar features. But, because of the other cool Google apps, having a robust online calendar just adds to the already great lineup. Here are my list of favorite features:

  • google-cal-sidebar.gifMultiple calendars in one (see image to right). You can set up multiple. color-coded calendars all in one place. As you can see, I have a calendar of events scheduled on my behalf by my admin, then a set of events scheduled directly by me.
  • Accept/Send invitations: you can send and receive calendar invites, even from another calendar program. My wife sends me family events to add to my calendar from within Entourage (the Mac version of MS Outlook). You can accept or decline events (note: ALWAYS accept calendar invites from your spouse. If you take nothing else from this blog post, remember that. 🙂
  • Quickly add/update events: to quickly add an event, just click on a day and then a nifty pop-up window appears. Fill in the info and hit “Create Event.” Or click on “Details” to add more info.
  • Reminders: you can set either email or pop-up reminders for 5-45 minutes (in 5 min increments), 1, 2, 3, or 12 hours; 1, 2, or 7 days; or 2 weeks.
  • Multiple views: Day, Week, Month, Next 4-days, or Agenda.
  • Search: another bonus is Google’s powerful search feature to zero in on a particular date.
  • Share Calendars: you can share your calendars with the public, or just specific individuals.

I’m sure there are many other features to Google Calendar I’m missing. But these are the core features. If you’re looking for a powerful online calendar that helps facilitate your work with others, plus integrates nicely with your e-mail, strongly consider Google Calendar.


Next week I’ll cover Google’s mobile features.

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  1. Hi Ron,I am working on my productivity schedule on my calendar and remembered seeing this post by you. I thought it would be helpful to see your images of how you use google in this manner again, but the images are not showing up anymore. Is there anyway you can make the images visible again?Thanks a bunch!Stacie

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