Ga-Ga for Google Part 4 (Finally)

Google on the Go

It’s been a long time coming, but here’s my final post on my “Ga-Ga for Google” series. In the first installment, I covered Google Mail and the efficiency and convenience of using a ubiquitous email program with such a powerful search and management features. In installment 2, I covered the power of “Google Docs” online word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation software. In the third installment, Google’s online calendar was discussed (which works great in conjunction with Google Mail and Docs by the way). Today I want to quickly go over the mobile capabilities of Google.

I primarily use Gmail, calendar, and Google Docs on my iPhone. When you go to any of these websites from your mobile device, the site automatically displays a mobile version. As such, everything fits nice and snug within the confines of your mobile screen. What’s nice about Google Docs is that I can view my online word documents, spreadsheets, and even the presentation files, all on my mobile screen. You can’t make any changes to the documents, just view them. But for my purposes, that’s worked fine.

One of the minor issues I’ve had with viewing Google Mail on my phone is that some graphics based email newsletters do not download configured for my phone. They’re too large so only about half the email can bee seen (the right half is off screen and I can’t scroll over to it either). And while in mobile mode, you cannot use the page re-sizing feature of the iPhone. This could just be an iPhone thing. However, it’s easy to remedy. I can scroll to the bottom of my Gmail home page and switch from “Mobile” mode to “basic HTML” mode. I’ll then be able to read my Gmail as if it were a regular web page, and all the iPhone Safari features will work accordingly.

Other Google services which can be accessed via your mobile device include:

  • Search
  • Maps
  • SMS
  • GOOG-411
  • News
  • Photos
  • Reader
  • Blogger
  • Notebook

I’m all about efficiency and convenience, and I’ve found Google’s mobile features to be great. If you haven’t already tried them, give them a whirl.

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