“Real Women Scrap” Gets Listed as a Top Scrapbooking Blog

I’m excited to announce that my wife’s blog, Lessons from the Scrapbook Page, was listed by Family Tree Magazine as one of the five best scrapbooking blogs out of the “bazillion” they visited. Tasra’s blog is dedicated to giving women inspiration, encouragement, life lessons, and of course, great scrapbooking tips and projects. It’s an offshoot of her book Real Women Scrap: Create the Life and Lessons You’ve Always Wanted. If you are a scrapbooker, or know one, you have got to 1) read the book, 2) visit the blog, and/or 3) watch our online video podcast. It’s really so much more than a hobby site. Tasra’s really been able to reach out and help a lot of hurting women whose lives feel turned upside down due to the craziness of life. I’m so proud of all the work she’s put into her book and blog, and delighted to see that work pay off in this manner. Great job sw’art!


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