liveBooks Lauches “Luminance” – Video Websites

luminance-bar.gifOur partnership with liveBooks is finally live with the launch of Luminance, a video and website that enables photographers to create strong, emotional connections to their potential clients. This has been a project in the making since last June when on a fateful summer day, Anton and I sat in the liveBooks board room and pitched this crazy idea of combing a cool promo video with a slick flash website. Call it kizmet, but they were thinking about doing something very similar. Now, professional photographers can with one package, get a kick-butt Cinematic Studios promo video incorporated into a liveBooks designed Flash website. I am so jazzed about this relationship, and working with an organization like liveBooks has been a terrific learning experience. These guys know their stuff, have a solid backend, great customer service, and have a top notch management team. In the immortal words or Humphey Bogart, “This looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

The official press release went out today. Here’s an excerpt.


New Solution Brings Together a Custom Website with a Custom Developed Promotional Video Resulting in an Engaging Online Experience
San Francisco, CA. – January 15, 2008 – liveBooks, Inc. ( the leading provider of customized portfolio websites and marketing software for professional photographers, announces the launch of Luminance, a new online solution that for the first time, combines a personalized website created by liveBooks with a custom promotional video that is professionally-produced by Cinematic Studios, Inc. This unique combination creates a rich online experience that enables photographers to build an emotional connection with potential clients while differentiating themselves from their competition.
“liveBooks is continually looking for new, innovative ways to help professional photographers connect effectively with potential clients. We understand the personal nature of the photographer-client relationship and see video within a well branded site as a great way to enable photographers to engage their audience,” says Tricia Gellman Holmes, Vice President of Marketing at liveBooks.

Luminance offers professional photographers a cost-effective way to create a branded, multimedia presence online that can integrate into a photographer’s existing web presence, or as a standalone site. The Luminance package brings together two primary components:

1) A custom liveBooks Flash website with:

  • design time from the liveBooks in-house design team
  • one portfolio of up to 64 images
  • one uploadable contact page designed by the photographer
  • one promotional Video page created by liveBooks
    • includes the promo video and links to outtakes
    • optional downloads of video in Quicktime and iPod formats

2) Custom Promotional Video(s)* produced and edited by Cinematic Studios

  • one 3 to 4 minute video
  • one or more out-take videos

* All videos are formatted to play on the photographer’s site in a Flash version, with QuickTime and iPod-compatible versions available as downloads from the site.
“At Cinematic Studios we have built a world-class reputation for providing broadcast-quality video services for the professional photographic community, including leading associations and high-profile photographers,” notes Ron Dawson, Founder and Creative Director. “By working with liveBooks to develop Luminance, we’ve created an ideal marketing solution for photographers. We are extremely proud of this offering and its ability to really grab the attention of photographers’ potential clients and drive business.” To learn more about Luminance go to: