WPPI Comedy Sketch – “Disgruntled Joe” Trailer

Last year at WPPI, we produced a funny little short about a disgruntled high profile wedding photographer (our good buddy Joe Photo) who was distraught at not being asked back to co-host the trade show’s yearly awards night ceremony. The video was a huge hit. So, in true Hollywood fashion, we decided to make a sequel. This time we get WPPI management involved in the fun. Who would’ve thought WPPI president Skip Cohen was such a funny actor.

What I so enjoyed about working with Skip and the gang was that they don’t take themselves too seriously. Skip, after all, was CEO of Hasselblad USA for 12 years. And as he jokes in one of the outtakes, he owns Ansel Adams‘s key chain. Yet, he (and RangeFinder Magazine editor-in-chief Bill Hurter) has no qualms about poking fun at himself, and setting aside a couple of hours during their busiest time of the year to do so. Or, Joe himself, being willing to wear a short sleeved, button up shirt, ugly tie and no earrings (if you know the fashion maven Joe Photo is, you can truly understand the significance of this). Everyone on set was just so gracious in giving of their time, talent, and energy, for no other reason but to have fun and help promote WPPI. And thanks much to Jules Bianchi for being our set photographer.

Many of you may have already seen this, but even so, it’s so dang funny, it never hurts to view it again. When the catch all the fun and episodes online at http://www.cinematicstudios.com/wppi. While there, sign up for our e-newsletter to get free access to all the hilarious outtakes. Enjoy!
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2 thoughts on “WPPI Comedy Sketch – “Disgruntled Joe” Trailer

  1. What people don’t realize about this whole Joe Photo spoof is Ron Dawson’s incredible talent. It’s one thing to have the skills, but another to be able to get people to relax in front of the camera and simply have fun! The man is a genius! And yes, it’s true, I had no idea who Jimmy Choo was!

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