Ron Voted one of Top 25 Event Videographers in Nation

ronedvcard_large.jpgWow! My week here in Orlando, FL for the annual 4EVER Group Video 08 Convention and Tradeshow is off to an incredible start. Last night I was honored as an EventDV Top 25—one of 25 event videographers voted top in the nation by our peers. It’s one thing when you get great kudos from your clients. But there is a special level of honor that comes when respected colleagues in your profession recognize you. Now, in all honesty, there’s no way I can say I’m one of the 25 best videographers in the country. There are way, way, way more talented, smart, and successful event videographers than me, who perhaps just haven’t had the kind of exposure that I’ve had. I don’t mean at all to take from the honor associated with the award, or diminish what it means that a number of my peers think that highly of me. I just know that there are a lot of great and talented videographers out there who don’t win awards, aren’t noticed by the public, who in their own way, excel our industry. My hat’s off to them and all the hard work they do. And my sincerest gratitude to those of you out there who did vote for me. I was absolutely blown away and surprised when I found out (which was actually about a month or so ago, but I had to keep it on the D.L. until the official announcement).

Tomorrow I give my presentation “The Madonna Effect: The Art of Reinvention.” Then Thursday I fly back home. So, this may be my last blog post till next week. Until then…

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4 thoughts on “Ron Voted one of Top 25 Event Videographers in Nation

  1. Bob and I are both very happy for you! Congratulations!!!! This is a huge honor. We’re happy to be working with you on our DVD projects. I hope you take the time to celebrate this. It’s so important. Take care and God bless you and your family. ~ Dawn

  2. Congrats Ron. I am so thrilled about the top 25 this year, I think it’s great that there’s alot of young blood with new and innovative ideas that have been highlighted this year, not only in the top 25 but also at Video 08. Your seminar was like going to see a motivational speaker…but all the inspiration you offered was real and can totally be done. You gave us hope that all our over the top and out of the box ideas maybe aren’t so crazy and that if we keep pushing the envelope, we too can accomplish great things. SO again, congratulations and keep up the great work. Give Ms Tasra a shout for me too…tell her I wanna see her at Video 09, for sure!

  3. Wow! Thanks for the great feedback Jen. Make sure you tell the 4EG folks so they invite me back. 🙂 And I’ll do my best to get the Mrs. to Video ’09.

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