The Power of Viral Videos

Ever since about last September, I’ve been a contributing writer to Pro Photo Resource. This is an online resource of articles and podcasts dedicated to helping professional photographers grow and run their business. I’m honored to be listed among such other incredible contributers as David Jay, Bambi Cantrell, Jasmine Star, Mitch Graf, Jim Garner, and many more. My contributions (both written articles and sometimes videos) are all related to how video can be used to grow your photography business. This month my article is about the power of Viral Videos. If you have some time, I’d love it it you’d drop by Pro Photo Resource and check out the article. If you’re not already a member, basic membership is free.

Speaking of viral videos, Cinematic Studios has been working with WPPI to produce a video series which has already “gone viral.” Episode 1 of “Diary of a Washed Up Rock Star Wedding Photographer” is now up and ready for your viewing enjoyment. WPPI is also offering free admission to next year’s show (2009) to anyone who posts the video on their website or blog. Talk about going viral!

For your convenience, I’ve included the episode in this blog post, but definitely check out the official video site to learn about all the details of the giveaway. You’ll also be entered into a drawing to win valuable prizes if you leave a comment on the site.