Science Fiction has become a “Virtual” Reality

This week the Game Developers Conference is having its annual convention and tradeshow in San Francisco. One of the hottest company’s premiering their product this week Emotiv. They are a neuro-engineering company that has created the first consumer headset that allows you to control objects in a gaming environment simply through the power of thought. For real! We had the honor of producing their press demo video which highlights the headset and its features. Things like:

  • Lift, pull, repel, and wide variety of other actions simply by thinking it.
  • Music and color changes in the game based on your emotions.
  • A virtual robot whose facial expressions will match your own.

They even have a software interface that will allow you to use the headset on other games. So, for instance, if you’re playing Harry Potter, instead of pushing a button to cast a spell, you just think about it. Yeah, I know. Trippy.

Currently, the technology is used for gaming, but they’ve created an SDK (Software Developer Kit) that will allow other programmers to use the headset technology within their industry. The application for instance in the medical field can be very significant. Imagine micro surgery that could never be done with hands, that now could be done with nanobites and your brain waves. So tell me, are you scared, or excited by this technology? Here’s the press demo

Click image to play.

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