Denis Reggie, Joe Buissink, Mike Colón and More – Part 1

I always like to keep you all informed of upcoming Cinematic Studios produced projects that I’m sure you’ll want to check out. I had a whirlwind past two days as we’re in the process of producing some very exciting projects. First, I flew down to L.A. Thursday to film at Pictage all day for their new sales DVD we’re producing. I had an opportunity to see their whole operation, hang out with some cool folk during the VIP lunch, and interview (Pictage C.EO.) Jason Kiefer and famed celebrity wedding photographers Denis Reggie and Joe Buissink. I also got to bump into friends and clients Dane Sanders and Jules Bianchi too. Also in attendance were Jon Barber, Jared Bauman, Rob Evans, and Pictage employees Lisa Allen, Scott Anderson, Debra Gerson, Jason O’Hare, Betsy Hirayama, Ian Siegel, Renata Dionello, Jason Kiefer & Michael Caro. The footage from the lunch will be integrated into the new DVD. (All photos below copyright Jules Bianchi Photography).


Laster that day we had the opportunity to film the L.A. PUG meeting where Joe and Denis spoke. It was the perfect opportunity to film the inaugural episode of F-Stop Beyond:In Living Color Tour (more on this later). 🙂 I had the pleasure to interview Denis and Joe for the show, getting to ask some deep and personal questions (in true F-Stop Beyond style). Afterwards, I facilitated the Q&A session. The information they gave was invaluable. Stay tuned to F-Stop Beyond for when this special video taped interview will air.

A very special thanks to my co-producer on this episode, Joth Riggs of Whitestone Productions. Joth has worked with me before and he’s an awesome wedding cinematographer in the L.A. area. Thanks a million Joth for all your help!


I flew back that same night, exhausted. But I would be right back into the filming trenches the very next morning for the Bob Davis and Mike Colón “Master Your Craft” Tour. More on that later this week. I gotta go spend the day with my kids now. 🙂

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