Denis Reggie, Joe Buissink, Mike Colón and More – Part 2

I reported last week about my whirlwind two day shooting spree. First, flying down to L.A. on Thursday to begin production on the new Pictage DVD. Then, Friday, I was near SF Airport to film the Mike Colón/Bob Davis “Master Your Craft” seminar. We’re going to be doing some fun things with the video to announce it at WPPI. Stay tuned for more info. There was such an incredible amount of information shared. One of the cool things I love about my job is 1) getting to work with such great people and 2) getting to absorb all that knowledge myself and apply them to my ow business. Okay, that’s really two things, but you get the idea.

The below video and slideshow is by David Escalante’s point and shoot. There are a few peaks of me in action towards the end.
Master Your Craft – San Francisco from David Escalante on Vimeo.