F-Stop Beyond: In Living Color

I’m excited to announce that we are in the process of producing a new “visual” flavor of our photography audio podcast F-Stop Beyond. I’m calling it “F-Stop Beyond: In Living Color.” It will be sort of like “Inside the Actor’s Studio.” In each case, my plan is to have a small “studio” audience, and have the interviews be a little bit longer. We have already shot episode 1 at the Pictage offices in Torrance, CA. Thanks to the Los Angeles Pictage Users Group for allowing us to film. For our inaugural episode, we have none other than Denis Reggie and Joe Buissink. We spent the first 40 minutes or so in true FSB fashion, getting up close and personal. Later on, as I facilitated the Q&A, questions became more business oriented. But even those answers were full of passion and great info. We have a number of other great photographers planned down the line. Three are planned for filming at the upcoming WPPI tradeshow and convention in Las Vegas. Stay tuned for more info.

(All photos below copyright Jules Bianchi Photography.)