WPPI is Here!

wppi2008logo.gifThis is the second year in a row where we’ll be the official video production company for the WPPI Convention and Tradeshow in Las Vegas. We’re blessed to have a number of projects we’re shooting and editing while out there. If you see me running around crazy, you’ll know why.

  • The official WPPI Recap video (you can see last year’s on their home page).
  • The third and final episode of “Diary of a Washed Up Rock Star Wedding Photographer.” Premieres at the award ceremony Wednesday night.
  • Filming another video podcast series for RangeFinder’s AfterCapture Magazine, similar to the Adobe series we produced for them last year.
  • Filming GraphiStudio‘s “A Day in the Life of WPPI” where three top photographers go around filming behind the scenes imagery. This year the photographers are Brook and Alisha Todd, Garrett Nudd, and Terrell Lloyd.
  • Filming a testimonial video for GraphiStudio.
  • Filming Pictage’s Headliners Event Sunday afternoon. This will have some of the top photographers in the wedding industry speaking, including: Denis Reggie, Joe Buissink, Mike Colón, and the Ladies of Photography panel with Liana Lehman, Jules Bianchi, Pepper Nix, and Me Ra Koh. Also speaking are Gary Fong and Pictage CEO Jason Kiefer.
  • Filming liveBooks testimonials at their booth.
  • Filming testimonial video for ShootDotEdit.
  • We’re also filming a couple of episodes for the video-taped version of F-Stop Beyond, “F-Stop Beyond: In Living Color.” We’re excited to snag Kevin Kubota and Michele Celentano. Should be very interesting interviews. And you know I’m going to record some traditional audio interviews too.
  • And we’re filming another top secret project that will sure to have you in stitches. Look out for some of the top photographers in the industry to be making their acting debut.

Tune in to the blog later next week to see the recap video.


There’s no way I could do all of this by myself. I want to give a shout out and many thanks to some fellow videographer brothers helping me out this year: Joshua Smith of Cinematic Bride, Chris P. Jones of Mason Jar Films, John and Chip Goolsby of Cannon Video, and Steve Wernick of the 4EVER Group. Thanks guys! It’s an honor to work with you all.