WPPI Recap

kubota-seminar.jpgThis week has been such a whirlwind. My body is sore and I’m sick. That’s what happens when you run through a smoked filled casino every day, get barely any sleep, and are exposed to over 11,000 people from all over the world. But, it was definitely worth it. I had an opportunity this week to meet so many new people. And I felt so honored to have so many of you come up to me every day saying how much they appreciated our work, or specifically my audio podcast, F-Stop Beyond. One photographer from New England told me that she and everyone in her office tune in every Friday to play it in their office. Thanks so much.

If you missed the action, never fear, below is the recap video I made to give you a flavor of what happened. I literally handed the DVD to [RangeFinder editor] Bill Hurter at 4:27 pm Wed, 3 minutes before they were to do the awards ceremony run through. I did start to freak out just a tad when at the end of the ceremony Bill said “good night” without introducing the video. I thought “Nooooooo! The humanity! Don’t forget the video!” After running around all week and staying up all night editing, it would have killed me if it didn’t play. But, luckily it was queued up and as it played people stopped to watch (whew!)

If you were there, you may have missed the beginning. Listen to the very profound words of Jesh de Rox, a young man wise beyond his 27 years. There are also some nice sound bites from Joe Buissink, Denis Reggie and some funny sound bites from Garrett Nudd and Kevin Kubota. Special thanks to Joshua Smith, Chris P. Jones, and Steve Wernick for helping me shoot. I couldn’t have done it all by myself. Enjoy!


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